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Imperial Caviar

Imperial Caviar

235.00 د.إ6,950.00 د.إ

Species: Acipenser Schrenkii * Huso Dauricus

Diameter: Ø 3.00 to 3.2mm

Color: Amber brown, to olive green color pearls with hints of gold and chestnut

Texture: Compact and light enhanced by its large roe

Character: Mellow, rich, buttery taste, almond finish

Aromatic Notes: Nutty, buttery flavor with a subtle sweetness and a hint of ocean saltiness.

Combination: Toast points, hard – boiled egg yolks, chopped chives, crème fraiche, buttered brioche, smoked trout, smoked mackerel, oysters, champagne, brut sparkling wine, dry white wine, sake, sherry, tequila, whiskey, gin and tonic


Also known as Kaluga Hybrid. This delicacy is the result of the perfect union of two sturgeon species, Acipenser Schrenkii and Huso Dauricus, native to the Amur River basin. With a lifespan of 20 years in the wild, these majestic fish can live much longer under ideal conditions, resulting in eggs of unparalleled quality.

Renowned as one of the most coveted caviar varieties in the world, this caviar is distinguished by its distinctively large size and rich flavor profile. And, with a commitment to sustainability, our caviar is a great alternative to beluga caviar, as it offers similar properties while being far more environmentally responsible. Thanks to the latest advancements made in farming, our caviar is harvested using traditional methods within modern facilities, ensuring its pristine freshness and exceptional taste.

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